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Headturn Animation by Shainbow

Well what can I say? Shainbow has always been known for her unique and vibrant drawing style and characters, and her animation is no ex...


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This is a test-o of the new-o status-o feature-o
Headturn Animation by Shainbow
Well what can I say? Shainbow has always been known for her unique and vibrant drawing style and characters, and her animation is no exception! Most people start off animating a bouncing ball, or a whip, but not you, S-Le! You jump right into head-turns for your first venture into animation and you bring results! It's not as fluid as other animations, but then again, most head-turns aren't. You've made it fluid enough for it to be ranked as above average animation, and for this being your first animation, this is especially great! Another thing I like about this is the consistency of the smaller tuffs of hair on his cheeks and neck. Consistency isn't the easiest thing to maintain in an animation, especially when it comes to smaller details like that, but you did it pretty durn well!
The only thing I'd have to say for next time is to try and maintain a consistent baseline for the frames [the bottom of his suit juts up and down]. Another thing would be to try and keep the tie pattern consistent too, but that's just nit-pickiness on my side. Like I said before, the consistency with the hair was the real hard part and you got that down great!
Overall, this is a damn good animation S-Le! If this is a signal that you're gonna post more animations, then I can't wait to see what else you got in store!
Inktober 2014 by ToxicThunder
Inktober 2014
Ya know, I've always wanted to take part in Inktober, but with school and all, I never was able to do it. I made sure this year would be different though. While I'd love to have done one for each day like the majority of people, I'm happy enough I was able to get one in. HUZZAH! :iconsuperw00tplz:

[color is still ink]

Artwork (C) ToxicThunder:icontoxicthunder:
     Hey guys! Those of you who know me know that I have lots of ideas floatin around in me noggin. Some of course will never see the light of day because either I won't think they'll work, I won't be able to pull em off correctly, or I simply lose interest in the idea. I saw my buds Schizobot,Zhdara and Juan-CN did these lil show-n-tells and I thought it was really neat so I figured I'll share too. WELP! Here goes!

Let's start off with the one's I plan on running with:

  • SpanDex!
          Medium: 2D Animation/Cartoon
          Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy
           This one is my baby. :heart: The story revolves around 12-year-old Dexter Jones. His dream is to become a great super hero, like his famous father Tremor and the many other super heroes who protected Clarksburg. The only problem is... his powers are weak. So to help improve his powers, his parents enroll him in a secret super school named S.T.A.R. which teaches both heroes AND villains! But being the runt of the super liter isn't easy, and when your best friend is a mischievous anti-hero it doesn't get any easier! Will Dex make the grade and become the hero he's always dreamed of, or will he become cannon-fodder in the battle between good and evil? Out of all the stories that I wanna run with, this is the one I want to do the most! :iconhurrdurrplz:

  • DarkLight
          Medium: Comic and or 2D Animation/Cartoon
          Genre: Action/Adventure, Fighting

          Next to "SpanDex!", "DarkLight" is my second most favorite story. The Earth has become locked in a savage war against evil enigmatic creatures named Shenkos who are capable producing electricity from their bodies. Near the beginning of their conquest, they abducted a teen named Jake who suffered amnesia as a result of an explosion while trying to escape his under-siege city. Their black-hearted leader, Harnek, had a twisted plan in store for the amnesiac boy. The Shenkos took him under their wing and trained him to be the perfect killing machine; to be as powerful and merciless as they are, as have a strong hatred for humans. After spending almost a year with them, Jake acquired the ability to create electricity as well. However, the boy discovers the truth about what is really going on and turns against the Shenkos. He fails in dispatching the powerful Harnek however, leaving him with a very unpleasant "gift". Realizing that even his new power wouldn't be enough to defeat them, he retreats to enlist the help of the ones he was brain-washed to hate. Will he be successful? Or will the sins he committed while captive come back to haunt him? This is one of the oldest stories I've ever made (probably around 7-8 years old!) and has gone through a loooot of changes, but the main goal of the plot has stayed more or less the same.

  • Garvis(title pending)
           Medium: Comic
           Genre: Action/Adventure, Fantasy

            All of my ToR buddies know who this green grump is. :P Actually the story takes place post-ToR, though it's only implied. A mysterious elf, donning a black cloak with a strange symbol on the hood, has caused some trouble in Garvis' village, injuring him and fleeing northward. Garvis, not wasting a moment, follows him. He discovers that the strange figure has appeared numerous times throughout the continent. What starts off as a mission to apprehend him turns into something far more dangerous. Now an ungodly evil looms on the horizon and it's up to Garvis and his new-found allies to stop it! For now, it's still in the planning/writing stages so you may not see a release for this for a while, but I'll definitely upload some concept art if I get the chance!

  • How Do You Roommate?</u> (title pending)
           Medium:</u> Webcomic
           Genre:</u> Comedy

            The main webcomic I'll be working on for the time being. It follows the exploits of two roommates and their various misadventures. You'd be surprised the strange situations those two wind up in! I'm really excited for this one not only because its release is so close, but because this will be my first real venture into webcomics! It'll be my graduation from Reader to Creator! ;w; Originally, the webcomic was going to be simply called "Ralph and Dan".

  • The Legend of Sir Galvis</u> (title pending)
            Medium:</u> Literature/Writing
            Genre:</u> Action/Adventure, Fantasy

            The name sounds familiar doesn't it? :iconverynotimpressedplz: I actually came up with this story before Garvis was ever even an idea and I had totally forgotten about Galvis by the time I started working on my ToR stuff so please forgive the similar names. ^^; The story revolves around the young Prince of the Kingdom of [Iforgotthename] named Galvis. As Prince, he undergoes weaponry practice almost everyday so that he may grow into a strong knight of the kingdom. He was spoiled, but certainly no spoiled brat. While walking amongst the villagers in the marketplace, he intervenes a squabble between a merchant a young orphan girl who stole his apple. He purchases the apple for her and spends some time with her. Almost everyday afterward, they met and talked and played together. Then one day, violent raiders darken the harbors of the kingdom and terrorize the populace. The King orders his brother and one of his knights to hide away with young Galvis in the castles hidden sanctuary. When the raid is over, Galvis and his father go to survey the damage first-hand. No matter where he looked, Galvis couldn't find the young girl. Years pass and Galvis is now a strong young man, perfected in swordplay and the ways of the knight. Mere minutes after his knighting, the Raiders attack his village again. He and his fellow knights disperse to repel the invaders. When the whole thing is over, the only thing the Raiders took was the center jewel of the royal crest. Looks can be deceiving however, as Galvis' uncle reveals a stirring truth about the jewel and he himself. Now Galvis must prepare for what may possibly be the single greatest challenge of his life! I know this summary sucks, but only because I don't wanna spoil some big things that happen within that portion of the book. :P Unfortunately though, this story is at the bottom of my priorities list because of school and the aforementioned stories [specifically "SpanDex!" and "How Do You Roommate?"] BUT I will be posting a preview of the first chapter in its entirety here on Dev! 

  • The Tragedy of Ourion</u>
            Medium:</u> Literature/Writing
            Genre:</u> Romance, Tragedy... er, obviously.

            This one is a one-shot story taking place in medieval times. Vampires are monsters. Cruel, merciless demons that rule the night, along with all of the supernatural realm, and they live among us. Heir to the Nyx vampire family throne, Ourion, has always prided his family's dark history. When his younger brother shows signs of weakness through affection for mortal creatures, Ourion made sure to snuff it out, reminding him that mortals amount to nothing more than livestock for them. But what happens when the tables are turned, and what will happen to the entire Nyx clan as a consequence? Just a quick note; I don't like Twilight.

  • Devil Buster</u>
            Medium:</u> Comic
            Genre:</u> Action, Dark

            Alex is a street punk. A low-life thug who routinely commits crimes within the city with his gang. The only good thing that can be said about him is that he unarguably loves his family; His single mother, his kid sister and aunt and uncle. He doesn't tell them, but all the dirty money he acquires through his less-than-savory deeds he uses to support his struggling family. Rarely would he keep any of it for himself. But his gang is tired of him blowing off all of the loot from their heists and turn on him, gunning him down before he can return to his family. Alex finds himself facing some of Heaven's angels, a few of which don't look they way he'd imagined them. Without spoiling any big details, I'll just say Alex is bestowed with divine weapons to purge the Earth of Hell's demons and prevent Armageddon from happening. This one blurs the line between scrapped and ongoing because I like the story and do plan on refining it, but at the same time I'm still not entirely sure how to go about it.

Now here's a couple stories that I pretty discontinued:

  • Chain</u>
            Medium:</u> Comic
            Genre:</u> Action, Dark

            Chain was made just a short time before I created DarkLight and had undergone MANY changes. After refining it a bit, I settled it with a drastically different plot set in a dystopian timeline. I never really decided if it took place on planet Earth or on another planet, but essentially the plot was about a tyranical government, controlling the populace through selfish hoarding of energy, fear and feeding them false information about current events. Only one man, self-nicknamed Chain, knew the truth about the dictatorship and did everything in his power to cripple the ever-increasing strength of the government. His actions led to the formation of small resistance groups appearing sparringly throughout the city. However, a bigger problem arises when Chain catches wind of the dictatorship's "allied" plan with an unknown organization, putting the future lives of everyone in the city at risk. I discontinued this story because, well, I just didn't feel like I could pull it off. I've never been one for politics you see, and I feel I wouldn't be able to give justice to a story where political affairs play a very vital role. But who knows? Maybe I'll pic it up again in the future.

  • Title Never Figured Out</u>
            Medium:</u> Comic
            Genre:</u> Action/Adventure, Fantasy

            This one never made it far past the idea stage and I only have 3 concept drawings; 2 main characters; a young woman mechanic with a mechanical arm, a cocky white-haired rogue, and a design for a high-speed hover vehicle of some kind. It took place in a steampunk timeline, but I never quite settled on a plot for it. The most I got down for it was that the girl yearned to escape her floating island and see the rest of the world, then when she accidentally hides the rogue from the police, she demands that she take him wherever he is going so that she may see the sights, to which he reluctantly agrees. One thing leads to another and the next thing they know they're on a quest to find the scattered pieces of a legendary talisman from millenniums past that will make anyone's wildest dreams reality. I scrapped this one because I didn't want to be accused of ripping-off Disney's Treasure Planet. I might draw more of the characters and places in their world more though, because steampunk is always fun to draw! :D

Aaaaaand that's pretty much it! :meow:
     Anyone wanna exchange friend codes? :D
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